Firebrand Ministries began in 2014, primarily on Youtube where I began making chapter by chapter videos. I developed a passion for sharing God's word with others and have continued creating content to this day. Firebrand Ministries has grown into a tight knit community, with the goal of reaching new Christians everyday. 

We are a body of believers that are wholly dedicated to becoming God's Word by studying it, and applying it to our lives. Our Statement Of Faith is that Christ Jesus is the Living Word!

The Word was made manifest in flesh and walked amongst us to give us a perfect example of what love is and what it is not. We remain and abound in His love having no fear because it is beaten by the light and truth!  

We study the bible chapter by chapter verse by verse using study tools to get as close as we can to what GOD intended to be said and allow the Holy Spirit to lead guide and direct us to all truths. The Holy Spirit is our one and only teacher that leads us to all truths as we remain humble and open to receiving by constantly seeking. We first seek the Kingdom of GOD and His righteousness and everything is added unto us!

We are here to help bring about a firebranded or Holy Spirit refined generation of champions, warriors, servants, teachers, seed planters, and "can do" Christ men and women.

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